Friday, May 31, 2013

Studio Beats by DR.Dre

The Original Beats That Took The World By Storm

Headphone are one of the main tools used to listen to the most important quality of the the music you are listening to.Beats help you to listen to the sound of the music exactly how they sounded when the artist recorded them.Normal headphones often fail to deliver the rich,full sound in today's digital audio tracks.Beats and Monster's have come together to give you this quality.The isolation technology by Monster's actively cuts external noise so all you hear is the music.
I have been using the headphones for like...the past 10-11 months and I know these headphones are expensive but they are worth each penny.The bass they provide is just too awesome.Before I bought them I naturally listened to many headphones,you know there is a market out there with all brands like bose,sennheiser,skullcandy etc.But when I listened to the studios I was like wow! at that time I did not even know what beats were.
The studio comes in many funky colours .


  • Powered by a pair of AAA batteries.

  • Super soft and covered with ultra-soft breathable materials,  The  logo on the right side also acts as a mute button when you press it. No need to take them off to talk.

  • Take calls, skip songs and  adjust volume right from the cord of your Beats Studio headphones.  

The Studio Beats by Dr.Dre headset comes with a 4.26-foot long connector cable with a standard 3.5 mm connector. It also includes a Monster iSoniTalk cable, which allows you to connect simultaneously to the headphones, your cellphone  and the microphone in order to take and make phone calls. There are also two adapters: a two-pronged adapter and a ¼-inch adapter. Both adapters allow you to plug the headphones into a more powerful audio source such as a jack on an airplane. A carrying case and cleaning cloth are also included with the headphones.

     I give the headphones a 4.8/5
Well if you are planning to buy headphones I advise you to go for the studios.

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Make Money Blogging - Chitika

Blogging in today's date is much more than a side income. People quit their jobs to turn to full time blogging. Today we review Chitika a service similar to (and better) than adsense. Adsense is known to randomly ban their users and take their life earnings away from them (yes no warning nothing) and nothing can be more frustating.
Adsense needs you to earn 100$ before they can payout. Hell they dont even have paypal. Chitika pays out every month if you earned at least 10$ that month via paypal. If you couldn't get to 10$ in a month dont worry it carries forward to the next.  A Win-Win.
Adsense allows only 3 ads per blog. Chitika allows infinite ads on infinite blogs/websites(even once you dont own). You can hence place your ads on a friends website and gain money.
Chitika even has a referral system so if people join chitika from your link both of you get a 15% bonus.
If you don't use paypal chitika pays out via check as well, at your doorstep.
I had a problem initially with their referral system so I mailed them and I got a reply within 12 hours something we cant expect from adsense.
If you care even my blog uses chitika.
If I couldn't convince you yet I probably never will.Let the money roll in!   - Sign Up from here to get a bonus along with me

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

GameBoy Advance Emulator for PSP

See also - GBA EMULATOR FOR ANDROID. I bet the first console most of us owned was GBA. And lets agree, it still has some games which keeps gamers like me still go back to it every now and then. Pokemon Firered, Pokemon Emerald , Final Fantasy are some of the most famous games. Here's how to do it on PSP.Needless to say you need a hacked PSP for this.To hack your psp click HERE
 1.Download this Emulator folder - LINK
  2.Plug in your PSP and enable USB.
    3.Go to PSP/GAME/
      4.Paste this folder which you downloaded. Remove USB. From your PSP XMB( the main menu) go to games and then memory card.
        5.The folder which you downloaded comes preinstalled with pokemon firered, emerald and beyblade g revolution etc (and with MY saved games too XD). You can of course start a new game and delete my saved ones.
          6.If you want games other than the ones which i gave you ( which is unlikely really, the folder has all you need for GBA) visit  and download the .RAR file of your choice. Dont worry the games are in RAR format and you DONT have to UNRAR them. Paste the .RAR files in /PSP/GAME/UO_gpSP_kai/GBA/ROM/
              7.Now you can play any game ever realeased for GBA from your PSP.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Download Torrents from your Android

Torrents have come to android. Finally.
Now you can get your movies done on the move.
Here's how-


1  . Download this torrent downloader for and from your android                      
2. You can search for Torrents normally like you do on your pc. We recommend though for their collection.
3. After you find a good torrent file , download the file.
4. Run the .torrent file from within your client. The download will start immediately. Pause facility is also available.
5.Thats all really.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hack your PSP 3000/3004

Hacking your PSP is the best thing you can do to it. You can feed it an endless amount of games on its memory card (that too for free).You can run homebrews, from the Rubik's cube to Youtube , all on your device. PSP 3000 as being the latest , is also the hardest to hack. This guide however, works for all models.Here is a detailed guide to hacking your psp so you never buy a game again.

The Hack

1.Upgrade to the official Sony 6.60 Version from here.
2.Download only this one file , which is the main hack here
3.Copy the file from your PC and plug in your PSP
4.Paste it in /PSP/GAME/            
5.Unplug the USB
6.From the XMB of your PSP (XMB= Main Menu) go to games. Then go to memory card. You will see the option to run the CFW (the hacked version) from there. Press X.
7.Your PSP will restart.
8.Your PSP is now hacked, and capable of running downloaded games and homebrews.

Now that your PSP is hacked, why not start by adding this useful PDF Reader for PSP .

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Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker (PSP) - Game Review

As the PSP reaches its near final stage, one can look back and say that this is one console which could not have been much better.If you still have yours lying around , here is a review on one of the best games. One for which its worth picking it back up again -

                                              Rating : 9.5/10  HIGHLY Recommended

Tactical espionage at its best. Finally a game where Stealth and Patience , give you a distinct advantage both in the long and short run. The game takes well over a 125 hours to complete and the story is amazing in its own way. This is a game which rewards its players for using a nice gameplan. We  of course play as SNAKE , and the main objective as we find out as the game proceeds is to stop an all out nuclear attack by War Machines called Metal Gears. The Co-Op version is even better than the singleplayer and almost all the singleplayer missions can be done as a team wia WLAN. Tranquiliser guns , smoke grenades , empty magazines are the main weapons you use to maintain your stealth.

You can sneak around in a special stealth suit , Jungle fatigues and even an all out battle suit.Each suit has its own advantage say more weapon carrying capacity or a more stealth index. You can dispose of enemies by either forcing them to sleep using tranquilisers or "stunning" them by using a stun rod or even choking them till they faint.Then of course is the option to go all GUN HO and do the job.

A major part of this game is fighting automated machines and not humans. And that is when the game gives you a chance to go all guns blazing with your RPG launchers and heavy Machine Gun.

There are near endless routes to take and an endless ways to do the job.Maybe you can just let the enemies patrol while you are silently (and slowly) making your way up towards the next checkpoint.

All in all, its the best game I have played on my PlayStation Portable. By quite a margin too.

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Blog

Zetasilon has been launched on 24/5/2013 . The topics this blog will address are still to be decided.