Wednesday, May 29, 2013

GameBoy Advance Emulator for PSP

See also - GBA EMULATOR FOR ANDROID. I bet the first console most of us owned was GBA. And lets agree, it still has some games which keeps gamers like me still go back to it every now and then. Pokemon Firered, Pokemon Emerald , Final Fantasy are some of the most famous games. Here's how to do it on PSP.Needless to say you need a hacked PSP for this.To hack your psp click HERE
 1.Download this Emulator folder - LINK
  2.Plug in your PSP and enable USB.
    3.Go to PSP/GAME/
      4.Paste this folder which you downloaded. Remove USB. From your PSP XMB( the main menu) go to games and then memory card.
        5.The folder which you downloaded comes preinstalled with pokemon firered, emerald and beyblade g revolution etc (and with MY saved games too XD). You can of course start a new game and delete my saved ones.
          6.If you want games other than the ones which i gave you ( which is unlikely really, the folder has all you need for GBA) visit  and download the .RAR file of your choice. Dont worry the games are in RAR format and you DONT have to UNRAR them. Paste the .RAR files in /PSP/GAME/UO_gpSP_kai/GBA/ROM/
              7.Now you can play any game ever realeased for GBA from your PSP.


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