Thursday, May 30, 2013

Make Money Blogging - Chitika

Blogging in today's date is much more than a side income. People quit their jobs to turn to full time blogging. Today we review Chitika a service similar to (and better) than adsense. Adsense is known to randomly ban their users and take their life earnings away from them (yes no warning nothing) and nothing can be more frustating.
Adsense needs you to earn 100$ before they can payout. Hell they dont even have paypal. Chitika pays out every month if you earned at least 10$ that month via paypal. If you couldn't get to 10$ in a month dont worry it carries forward to the next.  A Win-Win.
Adsense allows only 3 ads per blog. Chitika allows infinite ads on infinite blogs/websites(even once you dont own). You can hence place your ads on a friends website and gain money.
Chitika even has a referral system so if people join chitika from your link both of you get a 15% bonus.
If you don't use paypal chitika pays out via check as well, at your doorstep.
I had a problem initially with their referral system so I mailed them and I got a reply within 12 hours something we cant expect from adsense.
If you care even my blog uses chitika.
If I couldn't convince you yet I probably never will.Let the money roll in!   - Sign Up from here to get a bonus along with me


  1. Thanks a lot so far I have made 17.33$ in my first day from your referral linky

    1. Glad I could help! Check out our blogging guide and prizerebel guode too!

  2. Hmm my adsense earnings don't even come close! btw check out my website


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