Sunday, May 26, 2013

Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker (PSP) - Game Review

As the PSP reaches its near final stage, one can look back and say that this is one console which could not have been much better.If you still have yours lying around , here is a review on one of the best games. One for which its worth picking it back up again -

                                              Rating : 9.5/10  HIGHLY Recommended

Tactical espionage at its best. Finally a game where Stealth and Patience , give you a distinct advantage both in the long and short run. The game takes well over a 125 hours to complete and the story is amazing in its own way. This is a game which rewards its players for using a nice gameplan. We  of course play as SNAKE , and the main objective as we find out as the game proceeds is to stop an all out nuclear attack by War Machines called Metal Gears. The Co-Op version is even better than the singleplayer and almost all the singleplayer missions can be done as a team wia WLAN. Tranquiliser guns , smoke grenades , empty magazines are the main weapons you use to maintain your stealth.

You can sneak around in a special stealth suit , Jungle fatigues and even an all out battle suit.Each suit has its own advantage say more weapon carrying capacity or a more stealth index. You can dispose of enemies by either forcing them to sleep using tranquilisers or "stunning" them by using a stun rod or even choking them till they faint.Then of course is the option to go all GUN HO and do the job.

A major part of this game is fighting automated machines and not humans. And that is when the game gives you a chance to go all guns blazing with your RPG launchers and heavy Machine Gun.

There are near endless routes to take and an endless ways to do the job.Maybe you can just let the enemies patrol while you are silently (and slowly) making your way up towards the next checkpoint.

All in all, its the best game I have played on my PlayStation Portable. By quite a margin too.

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