Friday, May 31, 2013

Studio Beats by DR.Dre

The Original Beats That Took The World By Storm

Headphone are one of the main tools used to listen to the most important quality of the the music you are listening to.Beats help you to listen to the sound of the music exactly how they sounded when the artist recorded them.Normal headphones often fail to deliver the rich,full sound in today's digital audio tracks.Beats and Monster's have come together to give you this quality.The isolation technology by Monster's actively cuts external noise so all you hear is the music.
I have been using the headphones for like...the past 10-11 months and I know these headphones are expensive but they are worth each penny.The bass they provide is just too awesome.Before I bought them I naturally listened to many headphones,you know there is a market out there with all brands like bose,sennheiser,skullcandy etc.But when I listened to the studios I was like wow! at that time I did not even know what beats were.
The studio comes in many funky colours .


  • Powered by a pair of AAA batteries.

  • Super soft and covered with ultra-soft breathable materials,  The  logo on the right side also acts as a mute button when you press it. No need to take them off to talk.

  • Take calls, skip songs and  adjust volume right from the cord of your Beats Studio headphones.  

The Studio Beats by Dr.Dre headset comes with a 4.26-foot long connector cable with a standard 3.5 mm connector. It also includes a Monster iSoniTalk cable, which allows you to connect simultaneously to the headphones, your cellphone  and the microphone in order to take and make phone calls. There are also two adapters: a two-pronged adapter and a ¼-inch adapter. Both adapters allow you to plug the headphones into a more powerful audio source such as a jack on an airplane. A carrying case and cleaning cloth are also included with the headphones.

     I give the headphones a 4.8/5
Well if you are planning to buy headphones I advise you to go for the studios.

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