Monday, June 17, 2013

Get the new Apple iOS 7 in just 5 easy steps

Apple’s interface has looked more or less the same since the first iOS was released back in 2007. In its evolution we have seen the face change only in terms of hardware and the iOS started looking stale.And  finally we get to see something new. Apple has kept the basic quintessential structure of iOS but it has redesigned its icons with a flatter, more stylized look. It has become brighter,efficient and more user-friendly  while cutting out the gradients that were eminent in its previous versions. When scrolling through things like the Home screen or Messages app you’ll see an amazing subtle parallax effect.
In the new iOS 7, fonts have been slimmed down, there’s a new version of the classic slide-to-unlock function, and a new translucent control panel that slides up from the bottom for quick access to frequently used settings. Touch gestures have also been expanded allowing you to swipe and pinch. There's also a tilt feature which changes the interface. And you can put as much as a cent apps and files in the newly designed folders previously which had a capacity for only 12 to 16 apps.And a plenty of other cool new stuff.

The iOS 7 comes this fall and that would be damn too late for us Apple lovers to get hands on. Well, here's your treat on how to install the new iOS 7 without a Deveoper's account or a UDID registration in just 5 easy steps.

Step 1:You need to download the latest official iOS for your device that will update to the latest version. This will be iOS 6.1.4 for iPhone 5 and iOS 6.1.3 for all other supported devices. I am using an iPhone 4S so it is iOS 6.1.3 for me. Download Link :
(Download Link for iPhone 5 GSM AT&T 6.1.4: )

 Step 2 :Download iOS 7 for your device:

 Step 3 : Ensure that your device is connected via USB and open up iTunes on restore; hit the shift and left mouse click buttons down together (Mac users, press Options key and left mouse click buttons together) this will allow you to manually search for the iOS you have downloaded for iPhone 5 you would select iOS 6.1.4 for all other devices you would select iOS 6.1.3

Step4: Once the device has restored make sure to set this device as new  and that you should get to the home screen.

Step 5 : Now on the Check for updates button hit shift and left mouse click down together; this time you need to select iOS 7 for your device. Now after the device finishes updating your iOS 7 gets activated.

NOTE: Before you get started make a backup definitely, the device will work as normal and you will be able to sync from the saved backup, install apps, make calls and messages etc.I advice you guys to have an account on iCloud which would make things pretty simple and you don't need to worry about a backup then.

Congrats and now you are ready to use the most advanced iOS ever.


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