Thursday, June 6, 2013

Make Money Blogging - InfoLinks

This is our second post in the Make Money Blogging series. Today we talk about Infolinks , an advertisement distribution platform.


The biggest one is pay per view. People dont have to click on ads for you to earn money.
1. Quick Sign up and approval. New sites with low traffic also approved.
2. Ability to hold payment
3. Paypal Payment available.
4. GREAT customer support.
5. Easiest possible integration with WordPress and Blogger. And i really mean easiest possible. You just have to choose where to display the ads and the rest is fully automated.
6. Ability to add Multiple Websites with one account.
7. The most used in-Text advertising service in the world.
8. Easy Tax form filling.
9. Payments are made quickly and reach in 2 days via paypal.
10. And the most important one, a mobile application which shows you real time data (something not available even on the computer website).
11. You can customise ad color and whether it is dotted or double underlined.
12. Can work side by side chitika or adsense or any other non intext advertising website, so yeah double revenue.


1. Low Cost per Click. Suitable only for websites with a decent traffic.
2. Provides mainly in-text advertising.
3. Some viewers find intext advertising irritating.


  1. Very true, the in-text advertising can be very irritating at times. This is the reason that keeps me away from infolink.

    Quick approval is a good aspect though!

  2. I also use infolinks ads on my blog , but the results are not so good


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