Monday, June 3, 2013

PrizeRebel : Website Review - Online Money

Most of you must be familiar with PrizeRebel, the world's most famous complete-survey-for-money website. Indeed, if you don't mind completing surveys by entering you email (make a new one) on websites this is perhaps the best source of online income for you. You get paid in the form of points (which you redeem for money). The website is free for life too and there are at present >4.7 Million users.

Not only can you redeem your points for money, you can get other things too. Infact most people visit PR not for the money but for the other things they have. The other things include Games (all consoles) , Gaming Consoles (yes a PS3 for 200 surveys), gift cards (including Amazon) , there are also gaming cards (like ultimate gaming card and World of Warcraft card) , guitars , clothes,shoes, headphones , Mobile Phones, iPad, iPods and pretty much everything the young person needs today.

How do you get your things after redeeming them? At your doorstep of course, PR ships all over the world and the delivery is free of charge. In case you want to take the cash instead of the "other things" they have PAYPAL for cashout and the payment is made within 2 days.

How does this work you ask? Here's a picture of their FAQ.

They even have a REFFERAL system so if you have enough reach you could get points by doing nothing at all.

If they have 4.7M users they surely cant be a scam, and unless it was Santa Claus in disguise, they didnt cheat me either.

Sign up here (and we both get a bonus)

Here is a video tutorial. 

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