Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Send Free SMS within India : FullOnSMS

What if I told you, you are not paying for an SMS pack again?Or you not paying for even a single SMS? Yeah, you could potentially save a 2000 odd bucks in an year too. Remember this works only within India.

1. Go to FullOnSms.com and sign up.
2. There is a sign up with facebook option available or you could just enter your email and other details.
3. You will have to verify your phone number. They will send you an SMS with a 5 number password, which you will have to enter on the website from your computer. This will verify your account and give you a password to log in.
4. You can now log in and compose 160 character SMS's from your PC to send via your internet absolutely free of cost! Complying with the Indian regulations though there is a 100 SMS/Day limit.
5. FullOnSMS has a phonebook option so you can save all your contacts on the website for easy usage.

Apart from sending free SMS from your PC, you can even send free SMS from your Mobile, you need a working 2G/3G/Wifi connection.
1. Download this app from play store.
2. Log in with your FullOnSms username and Password ( which you created above).
3. Compose and Send.


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