Sunday, July 27, 2014

Quora Android Application V2.0 Review

My most used Android application just became even better. As older users will realise, the application has significantly improved its user interface and presentation.

For those who are not familiar with the Android application, let me tell you that it is in no way any lesser than the main web version. We can do anything, add and answer questions, follow and unfollow people, send and receive messages, promote answers etcetera right from the application.

The new version is an absolute delight. It is now possible to expand answers from the home screen itself, which means you can continue scrolling down the news feed if you want to abandon an answer midway without pressing the back button and waiting for the home screen to load again.

The new version also makes it easier to add questions. I have noticed that the time delay it took for the application to show up a notification in the notification bar has also reduced drastically. The commenting system seems to have undergone a rework as well.

For long answers, an option to 'read more' directly from the home screen has been given as well.

 While the application is usually stable on my Samsung Galaxy Quattro, it does occasionally seem to crash, but thats like once is 20 uses. Sometimes I notice that I have a completely working internet connection yet the application takes a pretty long time to load answers or worse won't load them at all. Nothing too major though.

If you go to "More" part of the application, it brings up menus like stats, credits ,your profile, settings, your content, help and logout (The screenshot just above on the right).

The stats menu of the application lets you view the upvotes, Shares and views your answers have received in a time interval which you specify. Very hefty.

The credits tab works exactly like the web version. Perfect, each and every credit transaction is shown.

The settings tab is the only disappointment as you have to use your phone's web browser to change the settings and it is not possible to change them from the application itself.

The application notifies you whenever someone comments on your own comments or your answer or whenever someone upvotes your answers or whenever someone A2As (Ask to answer) you, which is very useful to keep track of things on the go.

The messages section works exactly as like you would like it to, completely like the web version. Send and receive, exactly as you want.

The help section has all the FAQs and the ability to contact Quora support staff apart from the usual Terms of service, privacy policy and Licenses.

As you might know the first version didn't have a logout button (nice one Quora), but we even have a fully functional logout button.

Considering how quickly and effective Quora has replaced the time I spent on Facebook, this new version of the android application is perfect to keep me occupied on the go. I personally couldn't ask for much more.

If you use Quora, and have a smartphone, download it ASAP.

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